Sunday, October 2, 2011

General Conference and Update

This has been a great weekend to be home with Laneah and Karina to watch General Conference. I feel spiritually uplifted and ready to do what is right! I know we all do.

Life in Arizona is great. The weather is finally starting to cool down a little bit. Work is keeping me busy with trash collection route implementation, a new recycling pilot program to begin at the end of this month, economic development research, and others. I love my job, and it is so nice to feel like I am making a difference.

Karina recently began teaching ESL part time for the county. I am so happy that she can spread her wings and continue her professional development. She is a great teacher, and I know she will impact many people's lives in our community.

Karina and Laneah are, as always, the love of my life. I love knowing that when I get home, they are there and excited to see me, and I am excited to see them.

Church is also keeping us busy. We have the missionaries over for a dinner about once a week, Karina is working in the Young Women's group, and I am the assistant executive secretary. There is no doubt in our minds that this is where the Lord wants us to be at this time. He lives and loves us, and knows what is best for us.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The best four years of my life!/los mejores 4 anos de mi vida!

On a day like today, Aaron and I got married in the DC temple! It has four years full of all sorts of adventures, laughs, wonderful memories and abundant love. It's the kind of love that I cannot fully explain in writing. I love him more than I did four years ago. I'm one lucky girl for sure. He is a wonderful husband, an excellent father, my #1 fan, a righteous man, and my best friend. Sorry girls, he is all ours :)

Un dia como hoy, Aaron y yo nos casamos en el templo de Wash. DC! Ha sido cuatro anos llenos de todo tipo de aventuras, risas, maravillosos recuerdos y abundante amor. Es el tipo de amor que no puedo expresar por escrito. Lo amo mucho mas que hace cuatro anos. Soy una chica afortunada de seguro. El es un maravilloso esposo, un excelente papa, mi fan #1, un hombre correcto y mi mejor amigo. Lo siento chicas, pero El es todo nuestro (mio y de Laneah) :)

We both have grown immensely these four years, and will continue to learn for the rest of our lives. We both have accomplished much these four years (but that's another post!). But most of all we have learned to rely on Heavenly Father fully and understand his will. Our priorities have changed specially with Laneah around. However, she makes our lives complete and full of joy!

Hemos crecido muchos estos cuatro anos y seguiremos aprendiendo el rest de nuestras vidas. Hemos logrado mucho estos cuatro anos (pero sera otro post). Pero mas que todo hemos aprendido a confiar en el Padre Celestial plenamente y entender su voluntad. Nuestras prioridades han cambiado especialmente con Laneah. Sin embargo, ella hace nuestras vidas completa y llenas de gozo!

So, here is to US and eternity with my Amorcito!!! Happy Anniversay Babe!

Entonces aqui va, por nosotros y la eternidad con mi amorcito!!! Feliz Aniversario Guapo!

Si quieren ver clip de nuestro matrimonio hagan click abajo
If you want to see our wedding slideshow click here

then scroll down

Monday, April 18, 2011

Valentines in April?/ San Valentin en abril?

I forgot to post our valentine's adventure, so here it is! We decided to make Valentine's day a bit more special this year (mainly for Laneah). Aaron and I went on a date sans our princess and we had a blast. Thanks to my wonderful sis-in-law Anna. We ate our favorite Chinese food and then saw a movie at the movie theater.

Olvide compartir nuestra aventura del dia de San Valentin, aqui les va. Decidimos que lo hariamos un poco especial mas por Laneah. Aaron y yo tuvimos una cita sin la princesa y nos divertimos a lo grande. Gracias a mi cunada maravillosa Anna por cuidar a Laneah ese dia. Comimos comida china y luego fuimos al cine.

But Valentine's without Laneah is just not complete! I wanted something that would involve her more and make her excited for Valentines. We decorated the house with hearts, bought paper plates with heart decoration and our menu had a heart theme as well. I found this great, and easy recipe for pizza (chicken fajita heart shaped pizza) and heart shaped pink rice krispies. Laneah loves rice krispies and Aaron is a pizza lover.

Pero el dia de San Valentin sin Laneah no esta completo! Queria algo que la involucre a ella y la emocione por el dia festivo. Decoramos la casa con corazones de papel, compramos platos descartables con corazones y el menu tenia corazones por todos lados tambien. Encontre una receta facil y buena para hacer una pizza de pollo estilo fajita. De postre tuvimos una mezcla de un cereal de arroz mezclado con bonbon derretido (que se llama rice krispies aca). A Laneah le encanta los rice krispies y Aaron muere por la pizza.

Everything was so yummy!! We had a lot of fun and we had Anna over as well. Valentine's day is not just for couples, but the whole family. I'm looking forward to next year's Valentines Day fun.

Todo estuvo delicioso. Nos divertimos mucho e invitamos a Anna para que disfrute con nosotros tambien. El dia de San Valentin no es solo para las parejas, pero para TODA la familia. Estamos emocionados de que llegue nuestro proximo dia de San Valentin.

Un dia perfecto/a perfect day!

Si hay mucho que actualizar, pero sera para la proxima. Laneah y Yo tuvimos un dia perfecto y nos gustaria compartirles aquella experiencia.

Yes, there is much to say and catch up, but It'll be another post. Laneah and I had a perfect day and we'd like to share it with you.

Nos vamos a mudar y empacar parece lo unico que hacemos en casa. Entonces para cambiar la rutina, decidimos que Laneah y yo ibamos a tener una cita (nosotras solas) en lugar muy especial, la manzana del templo de Salt Lake City.

We are moving, and packing seems to be the only thing we do around the house. Therefore, to change the pace a bit, we decided that Laneah and I would go on a date to a special place....temple square in Salt Lake.

La pasamos super, super, super bien. Laneah estaba tan atenta, reverente y feliz. Hablamos de los templos y lo que sucede alli. Estaba fascinada con todos lo que podia ver, y los comerciales.

We had a great time. she was very attentive, reverent and just happy. We talked about temples and how special these places are. She was fascinated with everything we could do, and the church ads.

Luego fuimos a ver la estatua de Cristo. Laneah me dijo, Jesus esta feliz. Que lugar tan sagrado es la manzana del templo. Estoy agradecida de haber servido una mision ahi. Se que la mision no es para todos, pero que agradecida estoy que yo tuve ese privilegio. Ese dia fue perfecto. Siempre quize ir con laneah sola y decirle lo que aprendi y lo especial que la manzana del templo es para mi. Que alegria me da haberlo hecho antes que nos vayamos!

Then we went to see the Christus and Laneah said: Jesus is happy. Temple square is a sacred place. I'm grateful for having served a mission there. I know missions are not for everyone, but I'm glad I had a privilege to serve one. It was a perfect day! I've meaning to go with Laneah alone and tell her what I learned there and how special Temple square is specially to me.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Family pictures/ Fotos familiares

It's time to post our family pictures. First of all thank to SARAH B for the gift. This photo session was a gift to Aaron for his birthday back in June of last year :) We finally met with Luke Hansen at the end of November. Despite of the cold, we had a blast doing the session. Luke is very talented and professional. Check him out: Here are some of our favorites! Enjoy

Es hora de mostrar nuestras fotos familiares. Primero que todo, gracias a SARAH B por el regalo. Esta sesion de fotos fue un regalo a Aaron por su cumpleanos en junio. Pero finalmente nos reunimos con Luke a finales de noviembre. Aunque hacia mucho frio, nos divertimos mucho. Luke es muy talentoso y profesional. Vean mas aqui: Aqui estan algunas de nuestras favoritas. Disfruten!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just trying to catch up!

So much has happened since the last time we updated our blog. We celebrated Laneah's birthday. Thanks to everyone who came. We had a blast and Laneah was the happiest 2 year old that day! My mom flew from Peru to be with our princess. Grandma Emilia (or as Laneah says ''paapi" for abuelita )and laneah have a special bond.

She was in Utah for a little over a month. We loved hanging out with her, eating her yummy food (which I personally miss so much), going shopping, laughing, doing zumba and just having her around. I'm glad I had time to play and I was not working like last year. It's hard to see her leave (specially for me and Laneah). We miss her a lot and wish she lived closer.

Mucho ha pasado desde la ultima vez que escribimos en nuestro blog. Celebramos el cumple de Laneah. Gracias a todos los que pudieron venir. Laneah fue la nina mas feliz ese dia. Hasta mi mama vino de Peru para estar con nuestra princesa. Ellas tienen una relacion especial. Mi mama se quedo en Utah por poco mas de un mes.

Nos encanta tenerla aca y poder disfrutar de ella, comer su rica comida (la cual extrano mucho), ir de compras, reir con ella, hacer zumba y simplemente tenerla cerca. Que bueno que tuve el tiempo ya que no estoy trabajando ahora asi como su ultima visita y asi pudimos disfrutar su estadia mas. Es dificil cuando se va (especialmente para mi y Laneah), la extranamos mucho y desearia que viviera cerca.

In case you have not notice, we are bilingual :) and so is our blog. We have friends & relatives in Latin America that read this blog. Therefore, it's only fair they read it in Spanish too.

Here are some of our favorite pics from Laneah's birthday and Halloween!!!
Aqui estan algunas de nuestras fotos preferidas del cumple de Laneah y de Halloween!!

We'll tell you about our trip to Chicago, Indiana, Ohio and Christmas (Cubas style and White style) and our family pictures in another post!
Les diremos de nuestro viaje a Chicago, Indiana, Ohio y Navidad (estilo Cubas y estilo Blanco) y nuestras fotos familiares la proxima vez. Chau

We had so much fun celebrating Laneah's birthday with the family, here is the proof.