Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome to Washington

As you all probably know by now, Karina and I moved to Olympia Washington in mid July. It was a great way to celebrate our one year anniversary--driving a moving truck to a new place to begin our new life. I guess it was symbolic in a way. After a year of marriage, we were beginning a new life all over again!

I accepted a job with the Washington State Senate, working as the legislative assistant to Senator Pam Roach. (pamroachreport.blogspot.com) The job is quite an undertaking as I learn how to maneuver my way around the Washington State Senate. I work closely with the Senator doing what needs to be done to make sure the people of the 31st legislative district are served. This legislature is a bit different than the Utah State Legislature where I interned earlier this year, but my brief experience in Salt Lake helped prepare me for the adventures ahead in Olympia.

Karina is now 7 months pregnant and we're getting excited about our little baby girl who will be named Laneah. (the name of the principal actress in "The Testaments" movie shown on Temple Square). Laneah likes to talk to us by way of taps and other movements on mommy's tummy. It's fun to see her move. She's especially communicative when Karina has not eaten for a while or if Laneah does not like Karina's position. I can't wait to see Laneah, get to hold her, and watch her grow.

Karina and I are starting to get to know people around the apartment complex, the church ward, and at work. We've gotten to be good friends with the Hernandez family from the ward. It's nice to know you have a friend nearby in case anything happens.

Please give us a call or write us an email anytime you want, we'd love to hear from all our friends back in Indiana, DC, Peru, Utah, or wherever you may be.