Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Aaron and scripture of the day

The scripture of the day started while Aaron and I were getting to know each other. We were just friends and not dating exclusively. I thought of the scripture of the day because I wanted to get to know the real Aaron, and also (don't tell him) I wanted to have an excuse to talk to him :) every day. When it was my turn, I shared a scripture and then I explained why I liked the scripture and what thoughts came to my mind as I was reading/studying it. Then when it was Aaron turn, he would do the same.

Every other day one of us had to share the scripture of the day. Let me tell you, I looked forward to this time of the day with great anticipation. We could share it at any specific time, it just had to be during that day, and it could be a verse or a chapter if you wanted to. I looked forward to hear Aaron's scripture of the day, I was always inspired by his testimony, his love for God and his willingness to obey. Now that i look back, the scripture of the day opened many doors for me. For instance, our conversations were always meaningful, and we could talk about anything (even girlie things). Due to our conversations, we got to know each other very well and there was no room for pretending. I love that!. More than anything, i got to know Aaron's soul and fell in love with the real Aaron ( I LOVE him more and more each day. I'm so blessed to have the best husband!..cheesy... i know but true).

We kept sharing the scripture of the day throughout our entire courtship and engagement. We kept at it for a few months after we were married. But then we both got really busy and did our personal study on our own.
However, "the scripture of the day" is back! During the week, our time is so limited and we hardly get to see each other. The scripture of the day is helping us know exactly what's going on in our hearts and minds even when we are away from each other, just like old times.

Try it, it's wonderful....

Monday, October 12, 2009

it's time for an update!



We had our family pictures taken back in July, but we never post them. Here are some of our favorites, enjoy. But before i'd like to thank our friend Brinn, she is so talented. Check out her website : http://www.bmwphotography.ifp3.com
Thanks Brinn, you are amazing!!!

We also went to Indiana and had lots of fun with the family. Also we celebrated Peru's independence Day by having a feast, yum, yum.

My mom and Jenny penny came to visit. I miss them both. Thank you for taking care of us, especially while we were sick. We love you.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

To My Beautiful Wife Karina

Every once in a while, I get awestruck by Karina. I don't know what I did to deserve such a wonderful woman!

Karina makes everything work in our family. Our crazy and busy schedule is somehow coordinated because she makes it work. She sacrifices so much so our family can be happy. I know she wants a career, and I want one for her as well! Yet she is willing to put that on hold while we start a family and I go to school. Thank you, Karina. Your sacrifice is seen and a thousand times appreciated.

Karina is the best mother in the world! I can tell by the look in Laneah's face. When Karina came home yesterday, Laneah started jumping and yelling for her mom. Karina picked her up, and Laneah embraced her so tightly. When Karina handed Laneah back to me, she started crying and did not stop until Karina picked her up again. I love seeing them interact together. Karina has such a talent for teaching, and I am so happy she teaches Laneah full time. Laneah is going to be far ahead of the curve when she begins school thanks to her mom.

Most importantly, Karina is my best friend. I can trust her with anything. I love being with her, holding her hand, and getting a big hug and kiss! I feel warm around her, and she makes me want to be better. I'm not always getting better though, and Karina still supports me and encourages me through the trials. Her smile, laugh, and look of love penetrate my soul and fills it with happiness and light.

Karina, I love you! Thank you for being the best wife I could have. Thank you for your patience, love, concern, example, and hard work. And I'll say it again: I LOVE YOU!