Monday, December 14, 2009

just an update

It's been pretty busy around here!!! I can't wait for Finals to END and I'm sure Aaron agrees with me. Laneah is doing very well. She starting to communicate and interact more. She is just a cutie, always happy, smiling and growing way too fast. What a blessing she is in our lives. I can't imagine our lives without her.

Thanksgiving was wonderful, lots of fun and visiting with the family. We went to Temple square and saw the lights, but the best was the limo ride to Temple square. Thank you Sarah and Ty for being great host. You guys are awesome and to the rest of the family Thank you as well for everything you do.

Of course, Laneah turned 1 in October and loved her birthday party especially the candy from the piñata! A HUGE thank you to the Rivera and Vega Family for all of their help that day. The piñata was awesome. Also for Halloween, Laneah was the cutest ladybug, thanks to her aunt Sarah. Well, that's all for now.