Friday, February 19, 2010

Why I love Aaron

I have been working on this project/present for Aaron for about two months now. I'm not done, the decorating and pretty part i meant. The actual writing I've had for about two months. I just have to put the project together, most of the pieces are done and my goal is to finish it next week. We have been busy lately. However, I wanted to share with and the world some of the reasons why I LOVE Aaron! I hope you understand since it's in Spanish..ask me for a translation later if you want :)

Here is to you Amorcito! te amo

1. Por el amor inmenso que siento y lo completa me siento al lado tuyo
2. por tus besos y besitos
3. por la electricidad emocion que siento cuando sostiene mi mano
4. porque siento que puedo conquistar al mundo cuando me abraza
5. porque es mi mejor amigo y comadre
6. porque me apoya en todo incluso en mis ideas mas remotas y locas
7. porque me da alas para volar
8. por sus hermosos ojos azules que me derriten e hipnotizan
9. por su valentia y coraje para seguir adelante a pesar de todos los problemas
10. por el respeto y admiracion que te tengo especialmente en estos ultimos meses
11. por su ser un gran cocinero
12. por ser un fiel poseedor del sacerdocio
13. por ser estudioso
14. por ser un gran PAPA y cuidar a Laneah
15. por cuidar de mi y ser un gran esposo
16. por amarnos (laneah y yo) intensamente
17. por ser GUAPO
18. por su sentido del humor
19. por ser inteligente
y todas otras muchas razones mas..te amo!!!

Valentine's day and Aaron

We had a great weekend. Roxy had a little present for us (a Maria Bonita Mexican Grill gift card) and we used later on that day to celebrate Valentine's day. Maria Bonita Mexican Grill was wonderful and even Laneah was full. She was feeling sick and had a bit of a temperature, so she was part of our date. We didn't mind at all. She is way too cute! :)
But I should probably say that Aaron made breakfast for us that day, he is cute like that! And he wrote the most adorable poem for moi..thanks amorcito! i love you hartoooo hartoooo!

You always ask,

“Why do you love me?”

Why that’s a trivial task

Just wait, and you’ll see.

I love you for your smile,

I love you for your trust.

I love you in the trials,

I love you, love you just

Because of your eyes,

Because of your hands,

Because of your tries,

Because of your can…

Delicious kisses,

Candy sweet hugs,

Candy swedish fishes,

Candy, lovable fudge,

You made for me at Christmas,

You made for me when sick,

You made for me when lost,

You made for when lick,

Ing the icing from your face

The tears from your eyes,

The sweetness of your taste,

The deepness of our ties,

To Each other everyday,

To Each other every week,

To Each other don’t you say,

To Each other when we’re weak,

Or strong and healthy,

Jumping fro and to,

To your arms stealthly,

To say “I Love You!”

We had a relaxing Sunday, cooked and the cubas-camassi came over....that's all for now