Sunday, October 2, 2011

General Conference and Update

This has been a great weekend to be home with Laneah and Karina to watch General Conference. I feel spiritually uplifted and ready to do what is right! I know we all do.

Life in Arizona is great. The weather is finally starting to cool down a little bit. Work is keeping me busy with trash collection route implementation, a new recycling pilot program to begin at the end of this month, economic development research, and others. I love my job, and it is so nice to feel like I am making a difference.

Karina recently began teaching ESL part time for the county. I am so happy that she can spread her wings and continue her professional development. She is a great teacher, and I know she will impact many people's lives in our community.

Karina and Laneah are, as always, the love of my life. I love knowing that when I get home, they are there and excited to see me, and I am excited to see them.

Church is also keeping us busy. We have the missionaries over for a dinner about once a week, Karina is working in the Young Women's group, and I am the assistant executive secretary. There is no doubt in our minds that this is where the Lord wants us to be at this time. He lives and loves us, and knows what is best for us.


Sarah said...

Great to hear from you Aaron!! I'm so happy for you. That feels so GOOD to do what you know you should be doing. EVEN if it's far, far away from me. :) I love you & your family.

Momma Sarah said...

WHOA! WOW! You moved? Wasn't Conference just AWESOME? Sounds like the Lord has you right where he needs you! We sure miss you guys up here in the rainy state! Enjoy all that sunshine! Love and hugs! ~Arnolds

Mindy said...

Oh we all miss you guys! We miss Wymount too since we've moved too. Our new family blog is
I wrote it in hopes of helping wives and moms. Enjoy the warm AZ weather!